Reach Women by Reaching Moms

In the wake of my post yesterday on the stumbles and ultimate demise of Merlin Media’s FM News 101.1, this piece by Maryanne Conlin at MediaPost’s Engage:Moms blog seems prescient.

While many brands shy away from using Mommy bloggers or targeting digital moms because “they aren’t our target,” what I have found is that entrepreneurial mom bloggers have developed services that segment the mom market to a surprising degree. For a recent effort with a gourmet food product, we found reaching out to both top Foodies, as thought-leaders for gourmet cooking, and to “Mom Foodies” — the ones who would really end up buying the bulk of the product, was effective in not only drawing press (Foodies) but also Facebook Likes, Twitter Fans and all those great Pinners (moms).

Merlin set out originally to program an all-news station for women. I wonder if they ever thought about how to find out what that audience cared about.

(h/t @markramseymedia)

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