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Facebook Reaches the Majority

“Facebook is a mainstream platform now. It’s changed the way people communicate” and will change the way you run your station.” — Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research.

Arbitron and Edison Research have announced that their newest research project shows that 51% of Americans age 12+ are on Facebook.

What’s even more stunning is that Facebook has grown from just 8% in 2008 to 51% in 2011. It also appears that, when the full report is released in about two weeks, the growth of usage by 35+ will also be pretty significant.

Facebook’s LIKE Button and Specialized Content

Jack Riley is the digital media editor of The Independent, and in a recent lecture, he explained how The Independent is using Facebook’s LIKE button to push specialized content to users:

Riley explained how the process works:

  • Similar to a regular “Like,” Facebook button code is placed on a page and associated with an author or topic.
  • The “Like” button is connected to a hidden Facebook page, visible only to an administrator. When a user clicks the “Like” button for a writer or a topic on the Independent website, that creates a “Like” for the hidden Facebook page.
  • Using an external service, All in 1 Social, the Independent pulls a custom RSS feed containing related news and publishes it to the hidden page.
  • Facebook users who have liked the page then receive those updates on their own walls.

Facebook Reaches Majority of US Web Users

Facebook Reaches Majority of US Web Users

Science of Social Media

Dan Zarella calls himself the “Social Media Scientist,” and he performs his experiments at HubSpot. He’s written two books, including The Facebook Marketing Book. He tends to focus on research-based metrics for social media, which is an immensely helpful perspective for anyone trying to sift the bluster and BS of so many so-called social media gurus from the truth.

This presentation is excellent and is worth the hour you will want to dedicate to watching it: (via Mark Ramsey)

Facebook Trails Only Google in Video Traffic

New research shows that Facebook is now the second biggest driver of video traffic, behind only Google, surpassing Yahoo. The report [PDF] from BrightCove and TubeMogul shows that Facebook accounted for nearly 10 percent of video traffic. Google still leads the pack by a considerable margin, holding 50 percent of the market.

Hat tip to Fast Company and All Facebook.

When Facebook Users are Most Active

As broadcasters continue to integrate their on-air content across digital platforms, we are learning new sets of behavioral rules. For decades, radio programmers have had it beaten into their brains that the Arbitron week starts on Thursday. Consequently, radio promotions are usually built to reflect this reality. Increasingly, PPM has introduced new data that reflects listening habits previously unknown and unrecorded. We are now required to react accordingly.

Now, data has begun to emerge detailing social media usage. Specfically, Virtue has released a new study showing the activity of Facebook users. This data provides some valuable guidance for broadcasters looking to better manage their content on a digital platform.