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iPhone Talk Radio Listeners are More Liberal

An interesting study released by the smartphone app Stitcher reveals that most people who listen to talk radio on their iPhone or Android are listening to liberal content. The study is based on 5 million hours of listening by users of the app. Also, smartphone listeners are more likely to listen to international content.

My thoughts on the that this means are after the jump.

The Evolution of Podcast Audience

Edison Research has just released their fifth annual study on the behaviors, attitudes, and consumption habits of the American podcast audience.

Not surprisingly, consumers have become more comfortable with the medium, with the percentage of Americans who have ever watched or listened to a podcast is 45%, up from 43% one year ago. This equates to approximately 70 million Americans 12+. According to Edison, “The podcast audience has migrated from being predominantly ‘early adopters’ to more closely resembling mainstream media consumers.”

It’s important to note that consumers of podcasts continue to prefer the desktop environment for consuming podcasts over mobiel devices, but mobile device usage continues to grow at a rapid rate.

You can view the presentation by Tom Webster at the Blog World New Media Expo here. View the data graphs here [PDF].