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Cleaning Out the Clutter

Kipper McGee’s official title is Chief Media Brandwidth Specialist at Kipper McGee LLC. To me, he will always be known an innovative program director and a great teacher. I had the chance to work under Kipper at WLS-AM for about a year and consider it to be one of the most valuable years in my professional development.

Kipper wrote a piece over at Radio Ink that should be instructive to any PD looking to clean up some of the clutter than inevitably develops on a radio station. He reviewed a survey of radio listeners in Ft. Myers and came up with five tips to add more listeners. The most powerful tip of the five, for me, is, “Don’t waste your listener’s time.”:

If radio as an industry invested as much time, effort and energy on creating valuable, targeted CONTENT as cutting CLUTTER, we’d all be better off. One listener noted “too much talking”, and significantly, “most of the time it is stupid things they are talking about”. Clearly, the content is not well positioned for this listener. “There is too much redundancy,” another noted, “…announcing what they are GOING to do, what they are DOING, and then what they DID!” Hitting a nerve noted by many who took the survey, another articulated this pet peeve, “Long ads with a lot of repeated phone numbers.”

Chief Media Brandwidth Specialist at Kipper McGee LLC