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iPhone Talk Radio Listeners are More Liberal

An interesting study released by the smartphone app Stitcher reveals that most people who listen to talk radio on their iPhone or Android are listening to liberal content. The study is based on 5 million hours of listening by users of the app. Also, smartphone listeners are more likely to listen to international content.

My thoughts on the that this means are after the jump.

Successful Streaming Strategies

I took some time to read through Coleman Insight’s recent study, “Successful Audio Streaming Stategies.” [PDF] For the most part, the study confirms a lot of what we seem to already understand from anecdotal evidence.

Pandora is the biggest fish in a pretty big pond. It’s the strongest brand among a group of relatively weak brands, which seems to suggest that there’s room for competition.

For those of us in the radio business, streaming presents a unique challenge and opportunity. It doesn’t appear that heavy users of audio streaming seem to care about the kinds of things that radio is best known for doing well, like delivering service elements and strong personalities. One of the key demands of stream users is personalization, which Pandora seems to illustrate.

Traditional AM/FM broadcasters will likely need to think beyond simply simulcasting their terrestrial signal on an audio stream. Users want more options that would appear to deviate from the current practices.

Read the entire study here and the supplementary report here. You can watch the presentation here.